Baseline Blvd Available on Etsy!

This week I returned from an adventure to Vancouver, BC for the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival, a fantastic show featuring lots of talented artists and great programming. Among the highlights of the show for me was debuting my brand new comic, Baseline Blvd! Now that I’m back home, this comic has been added to my Etsy shop and is available for purchase along with my other mincomics. Baseline Blvd is a 64-page, mostly wordless autobiographical story that explores grief, and the anger, guilt, and isolation that come with it. The heart of the narrative depicts the 43 mile drive between my home in southeastern Kansas to a cemetery in rural Missouri.


This comic is deeply personal, a step outside of my usual comfort zone for my work. Making it felt uncomfortable, at times. I finished the comic amid grading finals and juggling a hectic travel schedule and deadlines for other projects. It was incredibly emotionally and physically taxing to make, and it is satisfying to see it completed.


Baseline Blvd is now available for purchase in my Etsy shop for $8. Grab a copy if it sounds like your jam.


Birdcage Bottom Books and Hic & Hoc SALES!

Birdcage Bottom Books, a fine purveyor of excellent comics, is having a 20% off sale from now through Dec. 1st! They are currently carrying my minicomics, Unfortunate Mishaps in Aviation History, The Unusual Death of Gregory Biggs, and Trepanation: Elective Surgery You Need Like A Hole In The Head!, all of which can be purchased for 20% off by using the code BBB BLACK FRIDAY at checkout in their online store.

ALSO, from now until the end of the year, Hic & Hoc Publications have temporarily reduced the price of their books, including Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends, the anthology of nonfiction mystery comics I edited. You can pick that up in their online store for only $9! The holidays are fast approaching – buy comics for someone you love.

New Minicomic – Just In Time For Locust Moon!

Can it really be that I haven’t published a new minicomic in over a year? Obviously, that situation needs to be remedied immediately – and it shall! I will have a brand new minicomic debuting at the Locust Moon Comics Festival next weekend. Trepanation: Elective Surgery You Need Like A Hole In The Head is the print version of a comic originally published on The Nib. It explores the history and practices of the International Trepanation Advocacy Group, a small group of people who believe that drilling a small hole in your skull may be beneficial or even necessary to full brain function and mental health. This is a 16-page black and white comic with a full color cover, and will be sold at the show for $4 each.

Not going to be at Locust Moon this weekend? Fear not! After I return from Philadelphia, issues of this comic will be made available through my Etsy shop.

Interested in minicomics? I will be teaching a minicomics workshop in Philadelphia on Thursday, October 23rd. We’ll discuss various production methods, look at examples, and each student will have the opportunity to make a minicomic of their very own! The workshop will be held from 7-9pm at the Kelly Writers’ House (3805 Locust Walk). To sign up, email with subject line: MINICOMICS, yes!

I’m Not Going To TCAF, But I’ll Be There In Spirit

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival is just around the corner, and sadly I will not be there this year! I will, however, have a new story debuting at the show in the fourth issue of the fabulous anthology series Irene.

Irene 4 cover by Andy Warner.

Irene 4 promises to be a great collection, including the work of Amy Lockhart, Ben Jeurs, Carlista Martin, dw, Georgia Webber, Jackie Roche, Jai Granofski, James Hindle, Jan Martijn Burger, Laura Terry, Luke Howard, Mazen Kerbaj, Dakota McFadzean, Andy Warner, Power Paola, and of course, myself. Check out this sweet GIF of the book that I stole from Irene’s tumblr page:

You may recall a recent post about the research I did for a comic about a natural disaster in Cameroon in 1986; now is your chance to read that story and a whole bunch of other great comics in Irene! Be sure to pick up a copy at the show this weekend if you’ll be in Toronto. If you’re not going to be at TCAF, you can pre-order Irene 4 online, or, for a limited time, you can pre-order Irene 3 and Irene 4 together and receive a discount! Orders will start shipping May 13th.

The Cartoon Picayune on ComiXology!

The fifth issue of the The Cartoon Picayune, “Hard Work,” is now available to download on ComiXiology!

Here’s a description of the issue from the website:

“Issue #5 has four stories on a theme of “Hard Work.” Andy Warner, a cartoonist published in many venues including Slate, has a story about the sex workers in San Francisco fighting to change to their legal status. Emi Gennis takes us back with her historical comic about the Radium Girls of the 1930s. Erik Thurman and Editor Josh Kramer round out the issue with two shorter stories about the hard work of South Korean coffee shops and a cookies food truck, respectively.”

You can download all that for the low, low price of only 1.99!

SPAZ! #5 Now Available on Etsy!

Have you been to the Etsy shop lately?? If you had, you would have noticed that the long awaited SPAZ! #5 is finally for sale!!

For the low price of two dollars, plus shipping, the newest issue of my minicomic series could be yours! Twenty pages of new content, some of which has never appeared online! There are new Wikipedia List of Unusual Deaths stories, a dark exploration of Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy, and the return of everyone’s favorite anthropomorphized single-celled organism, Zygote!! And! For a limited time, I’m having a sale for all the new-comers to the SPAZ series: a chance to get all five issues for only $5 – that’s 76 pages of content for two dollars lower than the regular price! A steal! So head on over to the store and check it out!

Also, while you’re there check out my esteemed colleague Max Young’s brand new shop: Disorderly Press. He’s selling both of the minicomics that he had with him when we traveled to the Stumptown Comics Fest last month. They sold well there, so you might like them too!

Look What Came In The Mail!

I got a lot of fun stuff in the mail, and thought I’d show you guys!

First: my copies of Chainsaw Comics Presents: Fear, an anthology I was recently featured in, have arrived! They look great, and are filled with stories lots of talented contributors. I’ll have a few copies with me for sale when I go to conventions later this year, but in the mean time you can get your very own copy for only $10 on Etsy or on Amazon.

Check out Kurt & Adele: A Love Story, in print!

Second: I got a package from the esteemed Josh Blair, of Candy or Medicine fame, containing my contributor copies of Candy or Medicine Vol. 16, featuring cover art by yours truly! He was also kind of enough to send me a badass Candy or Medicine t-shirt that he screen printed himself. You can get your own copies of Candy or Medicine Vol. 16 on Josh’s Etsy for the low, low price of only $1. You can also get your own badass t-shirt!

Check out my sweet new t-shirt.

I’m working hard on some comics for you guys. There should be a new comic for you to read here on the website in a couple of weeks!

Candy or Medicine, Vol. 16 Now Available!

The wait is over – the eagerly anticipated Candy or Medicine Vol. 16 is here! And it is available to purchase for, as always, the low, low price of just one American dollar. I did the cover for this issue, which was a lot of fun:
On the insides there’s also work by Nate McDonough, Harry Nordlinger, Jim Gullet, Andy Nukes and Robert Dayton. If you’ve got a dollar to spare and you like comics, you can buy these little minis on the Candy or Medicine website or on Etsy. While you’re there, check out these awesome Candy or Medicine t-shirts they’ve got for sale!