Unsolved Mysteries Preview: Mike Roy

This week I’ve got yet another preview of the Hic & Hoc anthology, Unknown Origins & Untimely Endswhich is being released tomorrow at Floating World Comics! Mike Roy‘s story begins right here in Portland, where the infamous D.B. Cooper boarded a plane before hijacking it, demanding a ransom, and then parachuting away with the money, never to be seen again.

You can read Mike’s story, and many other nonfiction mysteries in our book, which will be available for purchase at Floating World Comics tomorrow night from 5-7. Be there or be square, Portland!

Unsolved Mysteries Previews: Steve Seck

Here’s another preview from Hic & Hoc‘s forthcoming anthology, Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends. Just a reminder – we’ll be releasing the book next Wednesday, the 24th, here in Portland at Floating World Comics. Hope to see y’all there! Anyway, the preview below was taken from Steve Seck‘s contribution to the collection. He regaled us with the tale of the legendary Nain Rogue, a creature said to appear as a harbinger of doom in Detroit, MI.

Steve makes a bunch of highly entertaining comics, some of which you can check out at his website. Don’t forget to stop by at our release party from 5-7 at Floating World next Wednesday if you live in Portland! I’ll be there along with some of the other contributors, including Julia Gfrörer, Sam Alden, and Graham Kahler. It’s going to be loads of fun and I’m super excited. There is a Facebook event to which you can RSVP, if you’re into that.

Unsolved Mysteries Preview: Andy Glass

This week’s preview of the upcoming (very soon!) Hic & Hoc unsolved mysteries anthology comes to us from Andy Glass. Andy sent us a short little comic about Gef, also known as “The Dalby Spook,” a talking mongoose that allegedly resided in the farmhouse of a British family in 1931. Now wait a minute, you might be thinking, I thought this was a book of nonfiction stories. A talking mongoose? You can’t be serious! Well, whether an actual talking mongoose existed or not, this family really claimed that one did, and journalists from the surrounding area flocked to their little farmhouse to cover it.

Thanks to Andy for bringing this very interesting story to our attention. For anyone interested in learning more about Gef, the “Man-Weasle,” I recommend this lengthy and well-researched article in the Fortean Times. You can read Andy’s story and lots more when our anthology is released in only a few weeks! Check back for more details about our release date and where the book will be available.

Unsolved Mysteries Preview: Evan A

This week’s preview of the upcoming Hic & Hoc unsolved mysteries anthology comes to us from Evan A. Evan is a Finnish/Greek cartoonist whose contribution to our book tells the story of the unsolved murders of three Finnish teenagers, killed while camping near Lake Bodom in 1960. I love how Evan’s expressive inking gives this already creepy story a bit of a surreal, nightmarish quality.

You can read more of Evan’s work on his Issuu site, or follow him on Tumblr to see more of his work. We’re very excited to include his comic in our anthology! To read the full story, plus many more, check back for details on how to get your own copy of the book once it’s released.

Unsolved Mysteries Preview: Nick Souček & Simon Moreton

This week’s preview of the upcoming Hic & Hoc anthology, Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends, comes from a story by Nick Souček and Simon Moreton. Nick and Simon work together often and go by the publishing moniker, Things In Panels. For our anthology, Nick wrote a story about Jerome of Sandy Cove, which Simon drew. His wispy lines and minimalist layouts are the perfect compliment to a story with so many obscured details.

Nick and Simon are two very busy guys, with a heap of different projects between the two of them. In addition to his collaborative comics with Nick, Simon runs Better, Drawn, a blog where people share stories about mental or physical illnesses in the form of comics. Nick publishes a webcomic, Misinterpreted Complications, in addition to his many print projects. Together the two of them organize the zine Bear Pit, showcasing the work of other artists based in Bristol, UK.

You will be able to read their story and many others when our book is released next month. More information regarding an exact release date is coming soon!

Unsolved Mysteries Preview: Doug Slack

This week’s preview of Hic & Hoc‘s anthology, Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends, comes to us from Doug Slack‘s contribution. Doug took a humorous, tongue-in-cheek take on the story of the Axeman of New Orleans. Doug’s noir style is perfect for this type of creepy mystery story, but his cartoony line lends it more of a lighthearted feel. It’s a nice juxtaposition and I think it works well.

That is the actual transcript of a letter allegedly written by the mysterious Axeman that was published in New Orleans newspapers in 1919. It’s a very interesting story and Doug’s version is highly entertaining. You’ll be able to read the rest of Doug’s piece, as well as many other true mystery stories, in our anthology when it’s finally available. It’s looking like our release date will likely be sometime in April. Check back for more details in the coming weeks!

Unsolved Mysteries Preview: Danielle Chenette

This week’s preview of Hic & Hoc‘s unsolved mysteries anthology, Unknown Origins & Untimely Endsis taken from a story by Danielle Chenette. She tells the story of “the hum,” a phenomenon involving a persistent droning sound only about 2% of the population can hear in certain areas. The most publicized area where this occurs in the United States is in Taos, New Mexico. There is no scientific explanation for the sound at this time.

I have been to Taos, New Mexico and unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, never experienced the hum. There have been many reported incidents of people hearing a hum in and around Bristol, UK as well. Has anyone who reads this blog experienced this? I’d love to hear more about it.

We’re very happy to be able to include Danielle’s piece in our anthology and I can’t wait to see hers and all of our other artists’ stories in print! More information on where to get your own copy of the anthology is coming very soon.

Unsolved Mysteries Preview: Phillip Sevy

This preview of the Hic & Hoc anthology, Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends, comes to us from Phillip Sevy‘s story, “Citizen Short.” Phillip is a buddy of mine from SCAD, and as you can see below, a very talented artist. He tackles a topic with which many of you are probably familiar, the story of the Black Dahlia. For those of you aren’t, the Black Dahlia was the name given to the unsolved murder case of a young American actress, Elizabeth Short, in 1947.

The Black Dahlia story is very mysterious, and in his version of the story Phillip offers us a new theory on who committed the crime. To find out more, you’ll just have to get a copy of the anthology once it’s released. More information on where to get the anthology coming soon!

Unsolved Mysteries Preview: Emy Bitner

This week’s preview of the Hic & Hoc nonfiction comics anthology, Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends: A Collection of Unsolved Mysteriescomes from Emy Bitner‘s story about the mysterious disappearance of Fredrick Valentich in 1978. 20-year-old Valentich was piloting an aircraft over the Bass Strait in Australia when he observed an unidentified flying object shortly before he lost contact with Melbourne air traffic control. The text in Emy’s comic is taken directly from the transcript of Valentich final moments before he and his plane disappeared forever.

Emy’s story is definitely creepy and mysterious, and I love that we have another Emi in this book (albeit with different spelling)! She seems to be very interested in aliens and UFOs as you can see in the rest of her work. Check out her webcomic Trying Human, a fictional drama about an abductee who falls in love with her alien abductor. Emy recently said on her Tumblr that she wasn’t feeling well, and we hope she gets better soon! Being sick is the worst. Check back next week for more previews of the anthology!!


Unsolved Mysteries Preview: Nikki DeSautelle

Apologies for the brief hiatus – the holidays seem to have gotten the better of us over here at Emi Gennis Comics & Illustration. But now we’re diving into 2013 in full force, with big plans on the horizon! Not least of which being the upcoming release of Hic & Hoc‘s very first anthology, Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends: A Collection of Unsolved Mysteries. We’ll be resuming our weekly previews of comics featured in the book today with a page from Nikki DeSautelle‘s story, The Unknown Man Of Somerton Beach. This very creepy incident, known also as the Taman Shud Case, took place in South Australia in the late 40s. A man’s body was discovered on the beach, and no one has ever been able to identify him.

Nikki is an illustrator living in New York City, and I just love her style. She’s got a retro thing going on that’s like a blend of Saul Bass and William Steig, with her own unique flair mixed in, of course. I highly recommend you check out some more of her work over at her portfolio, or her blog. We’re very excited to include this story in our anthology! More previews will be posted (more regularly, I promise!) every Tuesday and check in periodically to get more updates on the anthology and other projects.