Direct Action Comics!

This month, my pages from my “Radium Girls” comic are included in Direct Action Comics: Politically Engaged Graphic Novels, an exhibit at the Herter Gallery on the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus.

Gary Hallgren_Direct Action.jpg. copy

Here is the gallery’s statement regarding the exhibition, as posted on their Facebook page:

The Herter Gallery at the University of Massachusetts Amherst presents Direct Action Comics: Politically Engaged Graphic Novels, the first exhibition to focus exclusively on activist, radical, and socially-aware works in the graphic novel and comic art medium. The exhibition features over 50 graphic novels, comic books, and cartoons by artists and writers from Will Eisner, who has been called the father of the graphic novel, to underground comix masters like Gary Hallgren of Air Pirates Comics and Sharon Rudahl of Wimmen’s Comix, and current activist and journalistic graphic novelists including Sarah Glidden (Rolling Blackouts: Dispatches from Turkey, Syria, and Iraq), Peter Kuper (World War III Illustrated), Ilan Stavans and Lalo Alcaraz (Latino USA), and Sabrina Jones (Margaret Sanger, Our Lady of Birth Control), to name a few.

Graphic novels combine word and image, and the exhibition will present a copy of each book displayed together with selected pages of original art and will include a range of materials to illuminate the creation and social importance of this artistic and literary medium. Preliminary sketches, rare posters and ephemera, as well historical documents and photographs from the W.E.B. Du Bois Library Special Collections and Archives related to the Civil Rights and other movements for social change will be on view.

In addition to contemporary graphic novels, the exhibition will also feature a selection of important precursors for contemporary graphic novels including radical countercultural underground comics from the 1960s and original art and publications by the activist political artists who produce World War III Illustrated. Posters for films made from comics and graphic novels will also be showcased – from independent releases such as Persepolis and American Splendor to mainstream superhero films with political themes like X-Men and Watchmen.

I am honored to have my work included in this exhibit, alongside the work of many cartoonists a greatly admire. You can read about the show on the UMass website here, and if you are in the area, you can see it in person through February 22nd.

Hidden Forces at the Watkins Museum of History

The Watkins Museum of History in Lawrence, KS is holding an opening event this Friday for a new exhibition, Hidden Forces: The Kansas People’s History Project. Last fall, I had the opportunity to work with project director Dave Loewenstein by getting my Hand Lettering for Illustration & Comics class involved in the Kansas People’s History Project. The students were assigned to participate in the project, which asked artists to research and design a broadside highlighting an overlooked person or event in Kansas history. The exhibition at the Watkins Museum of History will feature screen printed versions of a selection of the submissions, including my own broadside about Annie Diggs, as well as the work of several of my students. If you live in the Lawrence area, come join us!

emigennis_kphpanniediggsThe opening event will take place from 6-9pm on May 27th, and is free to the public. Programming will include presentations by project director Dave Loewenstein, as well as printmaker Josh MacPhee, whose Celebrate People’s History project inspired the KPHP.  Below are a few examples of the work of students from my Lettering class last fall. High resolution versions of all of the submissions to the KPHP can be viewed at the project’s website,

"Farpoint Observatory" by Cat Jepson

“Farpoint Observatory” by Cat Jepson


“Buddy Heaton” by Mattie Parrigon

"Susanna Salter" by Jacqueline Denton

“Susanna Salter” by Jacqueline Denton

"Clyde Tombaugh" by Brittney Walton

“Clyde Tombaugh” by Brittney Walton

Small Press Expo!

I’m so excited to once again be attending the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD! If you live in the surrounding area, come out to the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center on Saturday, September 19th (11am-7pm) and/or Sunday, September 20th (12-6pm) to see a whole mess of cartoonists selling books, minicomics, and all manner of fun stuff. There’s also a ton of really amazing programming this year, so check that out! Admission is $20 for a two-day pass, and less if you just go one day. Come enjoy the show! I’ll be at table E9A, with a big pile of minicomics just for you.



Autoptic Festival This Weekend!

Hey Minneapolis! I will be visiting your fine city this weekend for Autoptic, a two day independent culture festival. The show is free to the public and will feature the work of cartoonists, musicians, print makers, and other artists. Check out the show at Aria in downtown Minneapolis from 10am-6pm on Saturday, and 11am-6pm on Sunday. You can find me at table 90! Hope to see you there!


VanCAF 2015 Panel on Editing Anthologies

You may remember that earlier this year I participated in a panel at the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival called “Picking and Pruning: Editing Tips for Comics.” If you were unable to make it to the show (or if you were at the show and unable to make it to the panel) but are still interested in this topic, the entire panel has been posted on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. It is a conversation between myself, Sfé Monster (Beyond), and Kel McDonald (Cautionary Fables & Fairy Tales), moderated by Jeff Ellis (Mega Fauna).

VanCAF This Weekend!

This weekend I will be returning to Canada for the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival! If you are in the Vancouver, BC area, come check out the show from 10am-6pm on Saturday and 11am-5pm on Sunday! The show is being held at the Roundhouse Community Centre and is free to the public. I will be at table E6, right by the entrance to Hall 1 – you can’t miss me!


At the show I will have copies of most of my minicomics, the Hic & Hoc Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends anthology, as well as a couple of other anthologies my work has been featured in. I am also very excited to be debuting a brand new comic at VanCAF this year! Baseline Blvd is a 64 page autobiographical story about grief, and about driving through rural Missouri. Pick one up at the show!


I will also be participating in the “Picking and Pruning: Editing Tips for Comics” panel on Saturday at 12pm, along with Kel McDonald and Sfé Monster, and moderated by Jeff Ellis. If you are interested in the process of editing comics, come listen to us talk shop!

‘Assembly Required’ Opening This Friday

Assembly Required, the biannual faculty show of the Art Department here at Pittsburg State University, showcases nine artists working in a wide range of media. The show will run in the University Gallery of Porter Hall from the 18th of November, 2014 through the 23rd of January, 2015.
There will be an opening reception this Friday, November 21st between 4-6pm. If you live in the Pittsburg, KS area, come check out the show, meet the artists, and enjoy refreshments!

The exhibition will include my own work, as well as that of my esteemed colleagues S. Portico Bowman, Malcolm E. Kucharski, Janet Lewis, Josie Mai, Rhona McBain, Deann Norris, James Oliver, and Marjorie Schick.

Happy Halloween! Go Check Out My Spooky Pages!

Happy Halloween everyone! You know what is the perfect way to celebrate? By reading spooky comics, of course! I recently completed a ghost story to be featured in the upcoming anthology Then It Was Dark, a collection of stories about the paranormal. The pages from my story can currently be seen at the Kelly Writer’s House Brodsky Gallery at the University of Pennsylvania.
My seasonally spooky comic tells the tale of Thomas Lynn Bradford, a 1920s Spiritualist who committed suicide in an attempt prove the existence of an afterlife. From The Beyond will be up in the Brodsky Gallery (3805 Locust Walk in Philadelphia) until November 7th, so you have all week to check it out. The Writers’ House has printed beautiful broadsides to accompany the show, which they likely still have available and you are free to take with you.

Earlier this month at the show’s opening, I gave a brief artist talk about the piece and my process creating it. If you would like to watch a video of that even, you can do so right here!

If you live in Philadelphia, make sure you go check out the show. If not, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for Then It Was Dark, to be published early next year. It looks like it is shaping up to be a great collection!

Thank You to the Kelly Writers’ House!

As followers of this blog have undoubtedly noticed, I’ve been in Philadelphia all week! I’ve just returned home from the ArtsEdge Residency program at the Kelly Writers’ House at the University of Pennsylvania. This was an amazing experience for which I am unimaginably grateful.

My week in Philadelphia kicked off with the opening of my first solo show, From The Beyond, in the Brodsky Gallery at the Writers’ House. The show includes all ten of my pages from a story of the same name which will appear in the upcoming Then It Was Dark anthology. At the opening I gave a short talk about the history behind the story and my process creating it. This was livestreamed online and many of you tuned in (thanks so much!), but if you missed it, there is now a video of the event posted online. You can watch my artist talk at the Kelly Writers’ House here. 

My work will be hanging in the Brodsky Gallery at the Kelly Writers’ House until November 7th, so if you’re in Philadelphia, make sure you go check that out!

Also as part of the residency, I attended the Locust Moon Comics Festival. This was a one-day show where I debuted my brand new minicomic, Trepanation: Elective Surgery You Need Like A Hole In The Head, a print version of a comic I produced for The Nib earlier this year. These minicomics will be available online soon, so check back for that in the coming weeks!

Photo taken from the Locust Moon Comics Festival FB page!

The show was a lot of fun, and I got to meet so many phenomenal comics people! I especially liked the venue where the show was held – a beautiful old building originally built as a Christian Science church that now functions as a community arts and culture center. The large, circular main hall where my table was situated was full of natural light and dilapidated charm that was a refreshing change from the typical nondescript, fluorescent-lit convention halls.

My stay in Philadelphia was concluded with a brief interview and a reading on the show LIVE at the Writers’ House which will be broadcast on WXPN in Philadelphia on Monday night at 8pm. If you don’t live in the Philadelphia area but would like to listen, you can livestream it!

I am completely overwhelmed by how supportive of my work the Kelly Writers’ House has been in organizing all these events for my stay in Philadelphia. I can’t thank them enough, but can only encourage you to check out their programming if you are ever in the Philadelphia area. They are an incredibly amazing group of writers, teachers, organizers, and students creating a vibrant literary and arts community on the Penn campus.

Tonight: LIVE At The Writers’ House!

Philadelphia! Tonight is my last night in town, and the last event associated with my residency with the Kelly Writers’ House. I will be reading at a recording of the radio show LIVE at the Writer’s House, along with Box Brown, Hawk Krall, and Jean-Christophe Cloutier, with a performance by the band Lantern. We’ll be performing in front of a live audience that could include you — yes, you!

Come to the Kelly Writer’s House at 3805 Locust Walk on the University of Pennsylvania campus to join us. The show starts at 7pm! My art is still up in their gallery space here, so you can check that out, too. If you can’t make the show, but would like to listen, you can catch it on Monday, November 3rd on WXPN at 8pm!