Hic & Hoc Publications first anthology, Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends: A Collection of Unsolved Mysteries, includes short, nonfiction comics about mysteries from all over the world. These stories include cold case murders, unexplained disappearances, and the bizarre phenomena science can’t explain. It is available for purchase through Hic & Hoc’s online store. Scroll down to view a gallery of pages from the book.

Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends includes work from the following talented creators:

Aaron Whitaker 
Andy Glass 
Bobby Mono 
Danielle Chenette
Jackie Roche 
Jason Bradshaw 
Julia Gfrörer 
Nick Soucek
Simon Moreton
Noah Van Sciver
Sam Spina
Sarah Benkin
Steve Seck
Tod Parkhill
William Cardini
Nikki DeSautelle
Box Brown
Doug Slack
Emi Gennis
Emy Bitner
Evan A
Graham Kahler
Jenn Woodall
JT Yost
Lizz Lunney
Melinda Boyce
Mike Roy
Nate McDonough
Owen Heitmann
Phillip Sevy
Sabin Calvert
Sam Alden