Emi Gennis is a cartoonist and illustrator from the Midwest. She has a BA from the University of Chicago, an MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and an amount of student loan debt she doesn’t feel comfortable discussing. Emi lives in Columbus, OH, where she is Assistant Professor of Comics & Narrative Practice at the Columbus College of Art & Design. She previously taught Illustration & Visual Storytelling in Pittsburg State University‘s Department of Art.

Emi’s often macabre history comics have appeared in several online and print publications. She has also produced comics journalism for The Nib and Symbolia. Emi has been self-publishing minicomics since 2009, many of which are available for purchase in her Etsy shop. Her autobiographical story Baseline Blvd was nominated for Slate’s Cartoonist Studio Prize in 2016. She is also the editor of Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends, an anthology of nonfiction mystery comics published by Hic & Hoc Publications.

Follow Emi on Twitter to get up-to-date news on her comics and artwork; you can also find her on or Tumblr and Facebook, or follow her on Instagram if you’d like to see lots of cat pictures. Please feel free to email Emi with commission inquiries, questions, comments, or just about anything you like at emigennis(at)gmail(dot)com.