Celebrate People’s History!

You may remember a previous post about Annie Diggs, the woman I chose as the subject for my Kansas People’s History Project broadside. The statewide art project was lead by artist Dave Loewenstein, and challenged Kansas artists to create screen printed broadsides detailing forgotten, underrepresented, or otherwise marginalized stories from Kansas history. My poster was part of an exhibition of the project at the Watkins Museum of History in Lawrence, KS.

The Kansas People’s History Project was inspired by Josh MacPhee’s broader-scale Celebrate People’s History! project. Celebrate People’s History! chose a few broadsides created for the Kansas project to include in their series, including my poster about Annie Diggs! You can buy your own 11″ x 17″ offset-printed version of the poster from the Just Seeds website.  I will also have these with me when I table at CAKE later this year.