Press for The Plunge!

It’s been about three months since The Plunge debuted at SPX, and reviews have started to appear online. Most recently, the book was discussed on an episode of The Comics Alternative that spotlighted all of the Kilgore Books & Comics releases from 2016. You can hear the “Two Guys” talk about The Plunge at the 01:0156 mark, or listen to the whole thing to hear their takes on all the great works Kilgore put out this year, as well as a short interview with Kilgore’s Dan Stafford.


The Plunge was also recently featured on mental_floss in “The 12 Most Interesting Comics from November.” Writer Rich Barrett says,

“Gennis’s crisply inked cartooning style has an appropriately old-timey feel and her depiction of the horrific ride down the falls is captivating and surreal.”

The book has also gotten a few shout outs on other blogs such as GeekDad and Optical Sloth, and hopefully more to come! You can read a preview of The Plunge here, or purchase your own copy through Kilgore Books!