Eat More Comics!

There’s still time to pledge to the Kickstarter for Eat More Comics, The Nib‘s collection of their best stuff since their launch in September 2013. For their second anniversary, they will be putting out a giant, 300-page hardcover edition of  political cartoons, comics journalism, non-fiction, and humor comics.

The book will feature comics by tons of fantastic artists (visit the Kickstarter page for the whole list), and stretch goals include brand new, exclusive comics from Zach Weinersmith, Rich Stevens, Gemma Correll, and Matt Bors. Some of my comics will be featured in the book, including “Urine: The Miracle Cure,” which you may remember as the comic where I drink my own urine in the name of science and art (and let’s be honest, clickbait). If you missed that one, you can check it out here, or pledge some $$$ to get the print edition next month.