“From The Beyond” Reference Selfies

I have posted my often ridiculous reference selfies on this blog before. Once again, I have been discussing the importance of photo reference with my students and showing them the silly photos I have taken of myself to help me work out drawing problems for various projects, and feel compelled to share them here. My current project involves a 1920s séance, which has created a necessity for photographs of many hilarious gestures and facial expressions.

Another tricky aspect of the séance scene is its unique lighting situation. Lighting faces has always been a bit challenging for me, and I’m especially not accustomed to drawing faces lit from below, as they would be from a candle in a typical séance. A few nights ago I lit some candles in my living room and took some reference shots to help me figure this out.

There aren’t any streetlights in the neighborhood where I live, so I didn’t have to close my blinds to take these photos. It occurs to me now that it’s entirely possible my neighbors saw me through the windows, making faces at myself in an empty candlelit room, and likely think I am insane.

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