“From The Beyond” In Process

Lately I’ve been hard at work on a short story for Then It Was Dark, an upcoming anthology of ghost story comics. My piece focuses on the tale of Thomas Lynn Bradford, a Spiritualist who committed suicide in 1921 in an attempt prove the existence of an afterlife by contacting the living from beyond the grave. A woman named Ruth Doran claimed to have received his message.

Pencil drawing from “From The Beyond.”

This has been a really fun story to work on. Anyone who has read previous posts about my process will know that one of my favorite parts of research is finding amusing titles of old newspaper articles, and research for this piece has been no exception. Below is my favorite of the articles I discovered for many reasons but especially for the “GIVES OUT A STORY ON IT” subtitle, which seems pretty self-evident and hilariously unnecessary.

I also now have a pretty extensive library of reference photos of 1920s fashion, and older buildings in Detroit, where the story takes place.

I have exciting plans for these pages, which I will post more about in the coming weeks. For now, they are slowly coming together:

At this point I was cursing myself for drawing so many windows.

Needs some whiteout, but otherwise finished title panel.

Photo reference (Detroit, circa 1920).

Stay tuned for more updates on this and other stories. To see process photos posted in real time, follow me on Twitter!