My Photo Booth is Full of Weird Reference Selfies

I’ve been talking to my students about using photo reference a lot lately, and about how useful it can be to pose, or get a friend to pose, for photos. I pulled some of my own reference photos as examples and ended up going through the entire history of the Photo Booth application on my laptop. I’d say about 95% of it is ridiculous pictures I’ve taken of myself to use as drawing reference, which are hilarious out of context:

The majority of these pictures are of specific hand gestures, because hands – they are tricky things.

There are also a lot of shots of me making faces, photos of the back of my head, or just weird scenes I acted out that I now can’t even remember why exactly or for which project they were intended.

I have literally hundreds of photographs like this, comprising of almost my entire Photo Booth history. Like any other self-respecting citizen of the internet, the remaining 5% of my pictures are mostly selfies taken with my cat.

Because, obviously.