Some Process Photos From Winterbreak

It’s been rather quiet around here lately; I’m terrible, I know. The beginning of a new semester has kept me pretty busy, but I have been working sporadically on new comics so you can all keep yours eyes peeled for those in the near future! Over the winter break, I spent time working on a submission for on upcoming anthology, and a guest strip for a friend’s webcomic. Here’s  a sketchy little pencil drawing from the anthology contribution:

I had planned on spending some quality time with my family and friends in Illinois before heading home to get some work done, but unfortunately I had terrible timing! Just when I was ready to head  back to Kansas, we got hit with the dread Polar Vortex, and suddenly we were covered in heaps of snow and throwing boiling water out of our windows to watch it freeze before it hit the ground. No fun (well, maybe a little fun).

Fortunately, I had essentially packed up my whole studio and brought it to Illinois with me, so I cleared off some space on my mother’s sewing table and set up shop in her basement for a few days (thanks, Mom!).

I inked fourteen pages while I was at my mom’s! Here’s a picture of some dead cows I drew while I was there:

The anthology contribution I finished over the break involved a lot of dead animals/people (which I suppose doesn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone familiar with my work).

I’ve also been experimenting with using greywash on a separate sheet on paper, so I can adjust the levels separately after I scan them into Photoshop. I’ve been somewhat pleased with the results so far.

I’ll get into more detail on the comics I wrapped up over the break in a future post! At the moment, I am currently doing research for yet another short project! If you would like to see process photos like these on a semi-regular basis, you can follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram!