Comic in New Issue of Bitch Magazine

Bitch magazine’s “Food” issue is almost out, and I’m excited to say that I recently created a short comic that will appear on the back page as part of their “Adventures in Feministory” series.

My little history comic looks at Queen Ka’ahumanu of Hawai’i (1795-1819), who played an instrumental role in dismantling the kapu system that strictly regulated many aspects of Hawaiian life, including the consumption of certain foods as well as enforcing gender roles. Here’s a preview panel of the comic:

Subscribe to Bitch today before 3pm PST to be included in the very first mailing of the “Food” issue! You’ll not only be able to read my comic, but also articles, interviews, and in-depth features on gender, food, labor, and identity. It promises to be an excellent read.

P. S. If you’re intrigued by Ka’ahumanu’s story and would like to learn more about Hawaiian history, I can’t recommend Sarah Vowel’s book, Unfamiliar Fishes, enough.