Morbid Swedish History Tote Bags

Who wouldn’t want a tote bag featuring this haunting image from one of history’s great doomed arctic expeditions? Well, maybe a few people. But you, you have refined taste. You know that when you’re walking around the show floor next weekend at the Small Press Expo, you’ll want a practical and fashionable bag to carry around all the comics you’re going to buy, and you’re going to want it to reflect your interests in both art, and nineteenth century Swedish adventurers.

These are 15.5″ x 13″ cotton tote bags with a 16.5″ navy blue handle, and matching navy blue imprint design. Big enough to hold your books, an umbrella, or whatever you need – and sure to be a conversation starter.

Come find me at the Small Press Expo on Saturday, September 14th and Sunday, September 15th to get your tote bag. Only $10 at the show.