It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s An Aviation History Button Set!

They’re here! My four-piece aviation history button set! And they look fantastic! These small, sepia-tinted buttons will look great on bags, or jackets, or whatever. Check them out:

These buttons are each 1″ across, and each set of four contains:

*S. A. Andrée portrait button
*Hydrogren balloon button
*Nieuport 17 biplane button
*Franz Reichelt & his parachute suit button

I had these buttons made through the Busy Beaver Button Co., and am very happy with how they turned out! Each set of four buttons has been bagged up and will be coming with me to the Small Press Expo, where they will be available for purchase for $3. Anything I don’t sell at the show will be for sale in my online store once I return.