Juggalo Comic Previews

Moving day is nearly here! All of my belongings have been packed up and loaded onto a truck, that will be meeting me down in Kansas some time next week. All that’s left to do is clean my apartment here in Portland, and say my goodbyes. This transitional period means a lot of things for me, and one of those things is that I won’t be doing a whole lot of drawing for the next few days. All of my commissions have been finished, art supplies packed, and invoices delivered. One project I’ve just wrapped up is my piece, “What Is A Juggalo?”, that will be featured in Symbolia‘s upcoming “True Crime” themed issue. This will be a short, interactive comic about the FBI’s classification of ICP fans as an official gang. Below are a few preview images from the story:

You’ll be able to read this piece, along with other crime-themed comics, when the new issue of Symbolia is released next month. While I’m on the road heading towards my new home in Kansas, my Etsy shop will unfortunately be closed. You can, however, find a few of my comics for sale at the Birdcage Bottom Books store, so go on over there and check them out if you’d like. Birdcage Bottom Books is a a great little comics publisher and distributor founded and run by JT Yost. You can get a free comic with an order over $15 during the  month of July, so go buy some comics already!