Radium Girls Sources

You may remember my post about the extensive newspaper archive I referenced while working on my recent piece, “The Radium Girls,” for the newest issue of The Cartoon Picayune. While the newspaper articles did serve as my primary source of information, it was far from my only source. Among the many interesting things I stumbled upon as part of my research is just one more thing I’d like to share with you. Below you’ll find a YouTube video of a 1987 documentary titled Radium City, in its entirety. It was created by Carole Langer, and contains interviews with some of the actual women who worked at the Radium Dial factory on whose experiences my comic focuses.

While this documentary is long, and the quality of the YouTube video is poor, I find the first person recollections of the Radium Dial scandal to be fascinating, and the affect it has had on the town to be heart-wrenching. If you’re interested in learning more about this story, and have some time, I recommend putting this on in the background while you fold laundry or whatever it is you might have to do today. It’s an interesting bit of history, and so rarely do we get to hear these stories from those who experienced them first-hand.