Unsolved Mysteries Preview: Andy Glass

This week’s preview of the upcoming (very soon!) Hic & Hoc unsolved mysteries anthology comes to us from Andy Glass. Andy sent us a short little comic about Gef, also known as “The Dalby Spook,” a talking mongoose that allegedly resided in the farmhouse of a British family in 1931. Now wait a minute, you might be thinking, I thought this was a book of nonfiction stories. A talking mongoose? You can’t be serious! Well, whether an actual talking mongoose existed or not, this family really claimed that one did, and journalists from the surrounding area flocked to their little farmhouse to cover it.

Thanks to Andy for bringing this very interesting story to our attention. For anyone interested in learning more about Gef, the “Man-Weasle,” I recommend this lengthy and well-researched article in the Fortean Times. You can read Andy’s story and lots more when our anthology is released in only a few weeks! Check back for more details about our release date and where the book will be available.