Unsolved Mysteries Preview: Nick Souček & Simon Moreton

This week’s preview of the upcoming Hic & Hoc anthology, Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends, comes from a story by Nick Souček and Simon Moreton. Nick and Simon work together often and go by the publishing moniker, Things In Panels. For our anthology, Nick wrote a story about Jerome of Sandy Cove, which Simon drew. His wispy lines and minimalist layouts are the perfect compliment to a story with so many obscured details.

Nick and Simon are two very busy guys, with a heap of different projects between the two of them. In addition to his collaborative comics with Nick, Simon runs Better, Drawn, a blog where people share stories about mental or physical illnesses in the form of comics. Nick publishes a webcomic, Misinterpreted Complications, in addition to his many print projects. Together the two of them organize the zine Bear Pit, showcasing the work of other artists based in Bristol, UK.

You will be able to read their story and many others when our book is released next month. More information regarding an exact release date is coming soon!