Unsolved Mysteries Preview: Doug Slack

This week’s preview of Hic & Hoc‘s anthology, Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends, comes to us from Doug Slack‘s contribution. Doug took a humorous, tongue-in-cheek take on the story of the Axeman of New Orleans. Doug’s noir style is perfect for this type of creepy mystery story, but his cartoony line lends it more of a lighthearted feel. It’s a nice juxtaposition and I think it works well.

That is the actual transcript of a letter allegedly written by the mysterious Axeman that was published in New Orleans newspapers in 1919. It’s a very interesting story and Doug’s version is highly entertaining. You’ll be able to read the rest of Doug’s piece, as well as many other true mystery stories, in our anthology when it’s finally available. It’s looking like our release date will likely be sometime in April. Check back for more details in the coming weeks!