Unsolved Mysteries Preview: Nikki DeSautelle

Apologies for the brief hiatus – the holidays seem to have gotten the better of us over here at Emi Gennis Comics & Illustration. But now we’re diving into 2013 in full force, with big plans on the horizon! Not least of which being the upcoming release of Hic & Hoc‘s very first anthology, Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends: A Collection of Unsolved Mysteries. We’ll be resuming our weekly previews of comics featured in the book today with a page from Nikki DeSautelle‘s story, The Unknown Man Of Somerton Beach. This very creepy incident, known also as the Taman Shud Case, took place in South Australia in the late 40s. A man’s body was discovered on the beach, and no one has ever been able to identify him.

Nikki is an illustrator living in New York City, and I just love her style. She’s got a retro thing going on that’s like a blend of Saul Bass and William Steig, with her own unique flair mixed in, of course. I highly recommend you check out some more of her work over at her portfolio, or her blog. We’re very excited to include this story in our anthology! More previews will be posted (more regularly, I promise!) every Tuesday and check in periodically to get more updates on the anthology and other projects.