The Unusual Death of Gregory Biggs (Part 1)

Here’s the first part of a BRAND NEW comic! Just for you guys! I finished this comic over the summer, and it is the latest in my series of work based on the Wikipedia List of Unusual Deaths. This one focuses on the strange and untimely death of a Fort Worth, TX homeless man, Gregory Biggs, at the hands of Chante Jawan Mallard, a 25 year old nurse’s aide. It’s a sad and bizarre story. In this piece I tried to use more dialogue and character acting to tell the story than I had in previous unusual death comics. I hope you enjoy it:

I’ll be posting the rest of this story in little bits on a weekly basis, so check back to see what happens to Gregory and Chante after the crash!

I’m also currently hard at work on yet another unusual death comic that you’ll be able read in the Hic & Hoc unsolved mysteries anthology that will come out some time in the coming months, so check back for updates and previews of that as well.