Unusual Death Comics & Clement Vallandigham

It’a been a while since I’ve posted some of my own work on here, hasn’t it? Well, I intend to remedy that. Earlier this summer I completed yet another one of my comics based on the Wikipedia List of Unusual Deaths – my longest one yet, in fact, my longest comic ever (not that it’s terribly long, but, you know, baby steps, you guys)! I think it turned out pretty well. I won’t tell you the unusual death it’s based on, lest you all run to Wikipedia and spoil the ending for yourselves, but you may be able to guess it from this panel:

Before I share with you my latest comic, I wanted to first share with you the comic where all this unusual death nonsense started. I spend a great deal of time on Wikipedia, and when I first stumbled across the list of unusual deaths in early 2010, I found Clement Vallandigham‘s story so absolutely hysterical that I just had to make a comic about it. Since then I have returned to the list over and over again for inspiration and currently have at least 38 pages of unusual death comics, not including the piece I’m currently working on. There’s a surprising amount of diversity within the unusual death stories and working from the list has given me the opportunity to draw a lot of different people and places and has allowed me to structure stories in a few different ways. Some of them are amusing, and some are true tragedies. Vallandigham’s story is one of the more hilarious ones:

I hope you guys enjoyed my very first unusual death comic ever. It certainly has taken me in an unexpected direction, and perhaps even created a monster. Stay tuned to see pages from a much more recent unusual death comic in the coming weeks! Also: More previews of the upcoming Hic & Hoc unsolved mysteries anthology I’m working on! We’re still accepting submissions through the 15th you guys!