SPAZ! #5 Now Available on Etsy!

Have you been to the Etsy shop lately?? If you had, you would have noticed that the long awaited SPAZ! #5 is finally for sale!!

For the low price of two dollars, plus shipping, the newest issue of my minicomic series could be yours! Twenty pages of new content, some of which has never appeared online! There are new Wikipedia List of Unusual Deaths stories, a dark exploration of Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy, and the return of everyone’s favorite anthropomorphized single-celled organism, Zygote!! And! For a limited time, I’m having a sale for all the new-comers to the SPAZ series: a chance to get all five issues for only $5 – that’s 76 pages of content for two dollars lower than the regular price! A steal! So head on over to the store and check it out!

Also, while you’re there check out my esteemed colleague Max Young’s brand new shop: Disorderly Press. He’s selling both of the minicomics that he had with him when we traveled to the Stumptown Comics Fest last month. They sold well there, so you might like them too!