SPAZ! #1-5 Reviewed on ComicsAlliance

At FLUKE a couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Sims, an editor at ComicsAlliance, the reputable comics news site, and an all around friendly dude. After the show he posted a review of a handful of minicomics he got at the show and I was lucky enough to be included on that list. He had many kind words about my SPAZ! series so go read the review and check it out!

“There’s a shift in style that’s just incredible to see play out over the issues, and the result is something I have no qualms about calling a genuinely great comic.”
-Chris Sims


Also included in this collection of short reviews was a work by my esteemed colleague, Max Young. Sims seemed to enjoy Max’s first issue of JetPack Shark, which was something of a crowd pleaser at both FLUKE and Stumptown, the following weekend. You can read a teaser for Max’s JetPack Shark comics right here.