SPAZ! #5 To Debut At FLUKE

Yesterday I made the trip out to our friendly neighborhood big box office supply and printing conglomerate and printed off the first run of SPAZ! #5. It’s a full 20 pages of new comics, a few of which have been featured here on the website and others that have never appeared anywhere else! There’s more from my Wikipedia List of Unusual Deaths series, a brand new Zygote comic (a character you may remember from SPAZ! #2 and #3), and MORE! I’m especially happy with how the cover turned out – in my opinion, it’s the best cover design of any issue of SPAZ! yet, and it’s printed on a very handsome purple cardstock. I’m obviously pretty excited about the new issue, which I will be unveiling at FLUKE this coming weekend, and subsequently taking to Stumptown and CAKE later on this season. If you’re not going to be near any of those shows – don’t fret! SPAZ! #5 will be available in my Etsy shop in May.

On a related note, I have been hard at work on my upcoming project. It will be my longest story ever, and possibly one of the darkest… it’s a pretty depressing story, but there’s action and scandal and all the other fun stuff you want out of a comic book! As soon as I finish it I’ll start posting it online for all of you to read! So keep your ojos peeled for that!