Hourly Comic Day 2012

It’s hourly comics day again already?? I love hourly comics. They keep me more focused throughout the day because I’m always aware of what time it is, and my drawing is better when I do them because they keep my hand warmed up! They’re a lot of work though, otherwise I’d do them more often. This year’s hourlies are pretty boring because I spent half the day sitting in class and the other half just sitting at my desk. Turns out, my life is pretty boring! But I hope you enjoy them anyway. I have also reposted my hourlies from 2011 and from 2010 on this blog, so you can go read those as well if you’d like.

Some notes:

10:30: If you haven’t seen it plastered all over the internet yet, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation recently pulled their funding to Planned Parenthood – funds for a program providing cancer screenings to millions of women with no or insufficient health care (women like me!). Not only does this put Planned Parenthood at risk, but puts a lot of women in need of cancer screenings at risk as well. If this bothers you as much as it bothers me, please take time to sign this petition. (Sorry for political rant!)

5:30: Josh Blair, of Candy or Medicine fame, sent me a few copies of the latest issues (for which I did the cover) and an awesome Candy or Medicine t-shirt. You can buy both of those things at his Etsy shop right here!

6:30: Ira Glass was a guest on Dan Savage’s totally outstanding Savage Lovecast. You can listen to them talk dirty right here.

10:30: Brian Comb’s Serial Killers Podcast gets pretty gruesome sometimes. This last episode was no exception. It’s pretty awesome if you’re a fan of true crime.

1:30: I will be attending the first ever CAKE, an two-day alternative comics expo in Chicago this June. I’m really excited because I’ve been bitching about how there needs to be something like this in Chicago for YEARS. I mean really, that city is just teaming with cartoonists, not to mention being home to the best damn comic book shop ever anywhere. There will be more info about this event and others that I will be attending in a future post!