Spy vs. Spy Contest Submission

In a previous post, I mentioned a contest I participated in as a part of the MAD Magazine┬ávisit to the SCAD Savannah campus last weekend. The contest challenged students to make the best Spy Vs. Spy comic, inspired by the classic Antonio Prohias strips. My piece was a finalist and is currently on display in the gallery at Poetter Hall at 342 Bull St., in Savannah. For those of you not in the Savannah area, I thought I’d post my piece here on the blog in case anyone was interested to read it! I had a lot of fun tackling characters that were not my own, and was pretty pleased with how some parts of it turned out.

2 thoughts on “Spy vs. Spy Contest Submission

  1. Very cool! Except that I think you missed a . in your first letter (Morse code) and made it a “D” instead of a “B”. It currently reads DY EMI GENNIS